Personal Review 7

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Apa yg sha boleh ckp tentang blog ni adalah,
sha bangga ada kawan dari Pluto yg sanggup join segmen sha. HAHAHA
Korang nak kenal dengan Plutonian ni?
Nak tengok gambar dia?
Jangan kata gambar, nama pon sha tak tahu. HAHA.

About Plutonian:
I'm back. Fuh, I'm typing very fast I have no time to blog.  My mid-year examination starts this Saturday. Yah Saturday, we have to go to school on Saturday! Plutonian International School lah kan. Keep tellin' ya this. Haha. Okay I love to join 'review - review segmen'!
This blog, was born on March 2013. Don't forget to read this as fast as you can! I'm an Alien. Yeah, nobody knows my real name and a fact about me. That's my point. I don't want people know about me. I've met various types of human being. How they act in front of their friends, and how they insult their friends once they walk behind their friends! Imma nomad. I move every 3 years or 2 years to another place. I live here, Pluto baru 1 years lebih. I write randomly. But through all my writing, I hope you may find anything useful. I'm forever Potterhead. A true Potterhead. I have all Harry Potter's novels and dvd. Eh, you want to know about my blog or about me? =)
My true purpose blogging was to share SPM or PMR notes. But I was too busy with my 'honeymoon' year, I forgot to make notes to share to y'all. So from a useful blog, it turned to useless. I was thinking to share with y'all everything about English. The awesome grammar, the writing, grammatical errors. Em, nice idea, though.  I'll start sharing all English notes this holiday!
Korang ingat kat Pluto takde exam ke? Ada lahh.
Sama jugak mcm SPM n PMR.
Jangan main main.
Siapa yg tak reti English tu, copy and paste je dekat Google Translate kay. Ahakss!
Lagi 1, sape cakap warga Pluto tak kenal Harry Potter?
Harry Potter femes kayy. 
Tengok Plutonian sorang ni, dia kamcing kot dgn Harry. HAHA

So, overall sha bagi 4.5 out of 5.
Blog archive tu kalau boleh letak la scroll ye.
Sha tegur je, jangan fire ke santau sha pulak. Ahakss
Keep on Writing Alien comel :)


Alien Ohsem said...

Thank youu so much!!!! <3

sahizatul sahimi said...

@Alien Ohsem terima kasih jugak sudi join segmen sha :)